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VOCA 6 - Thursday

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  • Starts Aug 25
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Max 4 Students Focus Areas: Recommended for 4th grade and up due to the level of student development.  By 4th grade, learners have a stronger grammatical background to understand basic parts of speech and should have developed stronger knowledge in different subjects. Students under 4th grade require more nurturing, so it is recommended that they join the ELA Connections course first.  -Learners will have the opportunity to expand their vocabulary by learning new words weekly. It will help improve their communication > listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Also, it helps them to share ideas, information, and thoughts.  -Learners will reflect on how to spell and understand the definition of words through repetition and application.   -During the course discussions, learners explore the origins of words, grammatical application of vocabulary in writing, and parts of speech -Also, learners will have the chance to engage in social activities such as word games to help with memory and application. -Each Class follows the Wordly Wise 3000 (Edition 4) Book Level. (ex VOCA 3 = Grade 3 = Wordly Wise 4th Edition Book 3) -From January 2022, require to have a text book for the class following the copy right issue.  ​VOCA 수업 책 구매 관련 >2022년 1월부터 진행되는 모든 VOCA 수업에서는 저작권과 관련한 이슈로 인해 수업 자료가 제공되지 않습니다. VOCA 수업을 듣는 모든 학생들은 각 수업에 필요한 책을 수업 시작 전 반드시 구매하시길 바랍니다.  Class Structure: -Weekly discuss new vocabulary words -Read passages that include vocabulary; Answer Q&A based on text.  -Practice context clues to define vocabulary. -Practice spelling and parts of speech to apply vocabulary in practice.   -Engage in social vocabulary activities to help build memory from short to long. * If you have any other questions related to classes, please feel free to contact us by email. ( keppoacademy@gmail.com )

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