(Free Lesson)Fun Doodling (B)

for 4th to 6th Grade/ Max. 6 students/ Fri. 4:45pm - 5:15pm

  • Started Sep 17
  • Online Class

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In this class, taught by Dana H and Ethan J, kids will learn how to draw a variety of different things such as realistic household items, animals, fictional creatures, and more. It is recommended for kids in the 1st-6th grade. Even if your child has no prior drawing experience, this class accommodates everyone as the instructors walk through each drawing step-by-step and artistic freedom is highly encouraged. Each class starts with an online drawing game and then jumps into the drawing activity for the day. Recommended supplies are a pencil, paper, and eraser (coloring utensils are optional). By the end of the session, kids will become more creative, gain confidence in their drawing abilities, and most importantly, have a positive experience every week. [ Class Plan ] - Week 1 - Warm-up game of Skribbl.io/Gartic Phone and preview drawings from the instructor’s book. - Week 2 - Utilize the instructor’s drawing book as a guide. Students can also make requests for drawings. - Week 3 - A choice between the students’ top pick or a pre-arranged drawing lesson guided by YouTube. Each class will get 30 minutes of direct instruction on Zoom. Each class zoom link will be provided by KEPPO Academy via email. 각 수업의 zoom link는 KEPPO Academy가 수업등록을 하신분에 한하여, 이메일로 정보 드립니다. * All classes' time is based on Pacific Standard Time. 모든 수업은 미서부 시간 기준입니다. * If you have any questions related to classes, please feel free to contact us by email. ( keppoacademy@gmail.com )

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