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ELA CONNECTION 7th Grade Friday

Friday 4:45pm ~ 5:45pm (PST)

  • Starts Aug 26
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Max 4 Students Focus Areas: -A comprehensive course that incorporates all English Language Art subjects: writing, reading, speaking, viewing, listening, and critical thinking  -This course helps learners through a well-formulated balance of all English Language Arts subjects -Recommend course for all grades: kindergarten to high school.  -Learners will begin their lesson by reading texts to aid in developing knowledge of different subject matter and reading proficiency, accuracy, and fluency. This creates a natural environment for learning and supports those who lack the knowledge to discuss with ease or struggle with making claims or opinions using supportive details and evidence.  -As learners read, they will gain the ability to comprehend and discuss new vocabulary and learn to spell. Also, learners will be able to expand their critical thinking skills and understanding of figurative language which will help them build skills for more complex literature in higher grades such as Middle School and High School. -Additionally, learners will develop their speech and writing skills by utilizing their new knowledge in oral and written discussions.  Discussions will require students to practice critical thinking, finding evidence and supportive details in a text, use vocabulary learned, and build their opinions about different topics. Then learners will have the opportunity to apply their knowledge to written assignments that explore argumentative, explanatory, personal, and narrative writing. Learners will be able to build a more confident voice in their ideas and have learned knowledge to help support them when they do.  Class Structure: -Weekly read text aloud for confidence and proficiency.   -Identify and discuss the meaning of vocabulary in the text.  -Practice application of vocabulary using grammar techniques.  -Respond to Critical Thinking Questions about the text. -Complete Strategic Writing assignments related to the text. Learners will prepare and follow the strategic writing strategies which include brainstorming, outlining, drafting, and peer-editing/teacher-editing. -Prepare oral presentations. Feedback shared from classmates. * If you have any other questions related to classes, please feel free to contact us by email. ( keppoacademy@gmail.com )

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