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KEPPO Academy is an educational group affiliated with KEPPO (Korean English Program Parents Organization)

KEPPO Academy는 비영리단체인 KEPPO Korean English Program Organization 산하의 교육단체 입니다.


As a non-profit organization, online fun lessons are created by high school students to share with lower grade children. Origami, singing, reading books and etc.

KEPPO.ORG에서 봉사 활동을 하는 고등학생들이 진행하는 다양한 온라인 Fun class가 함께 제공됩니다. (종이접기, 노래부르기, 책읽기 등)

effective interactive curriculum

Similar to an actual classroom, KEPPO supports both children’s academic and social development with a strong interactive learning environment as the KEPPO Principles of Community.

KEPPO는 실제 수업처럼 상호 소통하는 수업을 통해, 학업 성취도 및 사회성 발달을 돕습니다. 

Our Teachers  

Teachers who are currently teaching at school or professional certified in English teaching our children based on the Common Core Curriculum.

사립학교 및 차터 스쿨에서 가르치고 계신 선생님들께서, Common Core Curriculum에 맞춰 수업을 진행 합니다. 

ela writing Teacher i Ms. dolphin
Howdy folks! I am Ms. Dolphin and I look forward to having a fun adventure with you!  Like most of my ocean friends, I have traveled through many seas around the world.  I have been to 15 different countries; one of which is South Korea!  The squid there is the best!  I have also been a teacher of elementary school aged students for 10 years.  My experience with children from many different cultures helps me understand some of the learning obstacles that various learners face. I have a bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing from the University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona; so I know how to write about the hot, desert weather! My education philosophy is “edutainment” (education + entertainment). I think learning is best when it is fun and engaging. I love to read in my spare time, listen to international music, and travel the world as well. If you want to study writing with me, then let us make it fun! I want to help you get over your writer’s block and expand more on your writing expression!  I will guide you through your journey.  Please join me and let us have fun writing together!
ela voca teacher i Mr. lobster
Hello KEPPO friends!
My name is Mr. Lobster, and I am over the moon about teaching you vocabulary. I have roughly four years of experience in teaching English.
The bulk of that experience was spent in South Korea. During that time, I taught a variety of both age and skill levels. In university, I studied theater.
My theatre degree, coupled with my professional teaching certification, has given me the skills and training I need to create a fun and effective vocabulary class. When I am not teaching, I enjoy performing comedy and live theater.
speech & Debate Teacher i Mr. squirrel

Hello Keppo Academy! My name is Mr. Squirrel. I have worked as a science teacher for eight years (and counting). I hold a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Studies, and a Master of Divinity. I also hold a single-subject credential in secondary education for biology and chemistry. When I am not teaching, I like to read, cook, do the Sunday crossword, and my favorite, watch the Dodgers! But most importantly, I am a life-long learner. So I love learning about any and all things! An integral aspect of learning is the ability to share and communicate our new learnings. For this reason, speech and debate is not solely about winning arguments, but also about communicating with clarity and precision. Learning is a life-long journey, and I look forward to journeying with you as we explore, learn, and share together in a wide variety of topics!


Hello Bright Keppo Learners! Get ready to hop into learning with Ms. Rabbit! I’m excited to support your educational journey at Keppo starting with our Reading Adventures in Wonderland Course. Education has always been my PASSION! And I'm very enthusiastic about it! As an expert international educator also certified in TESOL, I have successfully helped over 500+ learners JUST LIKE YOU and they come from all over the world like the United States, Europe and Asia. My extensive experience has proven to help learners of all ages build positive self-esteem in speaking, writing, reading, and listening by actively engaging in my creative activities, being supported in a patient environment, and receiving positive reinforcement while learning new material. All learners truly have the chance to reach their goals with a smile!  If you are ready hop along, let’s explore the world of reading together! Hope to see you soon!

math teacher i Ms. panda
Hello Friends! My name is Ms. Panda. It has been my passion and joy working with students who come from diverse cultural backgrounds and helping them to reach their full potential by striving for excellence. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and Master's Degree in Education. I had several years of experience leading Math Clubs and coaching my students to prepare and be successful in Math Olympiad Competitions. My goal is to empower the students to strengthen their critical thinking skills, build confidence in mathematical reasoning, and develop their mindsets to become good problem solvers. In my leisure time, I love to travel, explore nature, and discover amazing eateries. I look forward to having a fun and challenging adventure as we learn to think like real mathematicians!
College Essay Teacher i Mr. tiger
Hello KEPPO Academy! My name is Mr. Tiger. As a higher education professional at a prestigious university, I have the privilege of working with a diverse group of students. My bachelors and masters degrees are in International Affairs. This major widened my perspective to approach and tackle problems holistically. Consequently, my passion is to help students identify their potential and discover greater opportunities for growth. In my spare time, I love to engage my body and mind. Going outside to run, hike, or simply take a walk allows me to recharge physically and emotionally. Reading is another way for me to refuel. I am an avid reader of periodicals and non-fiction books, simply for the joy of learning and as a way to understand the world we live in. Lastly, I consider international travel invaluable as it expands my worldview. In a similar way, my hope is to guide KEPPO students in their journey to discover their true selves, make connections to the academic and career opportunities ahead, and be on the path to actualize their goals in life. I look forward to being part of this journey with you. 
java LANGUAGE teacher i Mr. turtle
Hello Keppo Academy! My name is Mr. Turtle and I will be teaching computer programing and Java coding next semester. I have completed a one year program of computer coding specifically in Java. I have furthered my knowledge and experience in different computer coding languages through online courses and I am very excited and looking forward to teaching the bright young student at Keppo Academy.
korean teacher team i keppo academy

Hello! We want to introduce our amazing Korean Teacher Team of KEPPO Academy. Each Korean class is divided by grade and level and taught by a total of 5 teachers with lots of experience in Korean language classes. Based on the class content and tailored to the level of each class, classes are conducted that cover Korean listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

안녕하세요. KEPPO Academy에서 여러분들과 함께 한국어를 공부할 Korean Teacher Team을 소개합니다. 학년별, 수준별로 나누어진 각각의 클래스를 한국어 수업 경험이 많은 총 5명의 선생님들이 가르칩니다. 각 반의 수준에 맞춘 수업 내용을 바탕으로 한국어 듣기, 말하기, 읽기, 쓰기 등 다양한 영역을 골고루 다루는 수업을 진행합니다. 

KEPPO Academy protects teacher's personal information.

KEPPO Academy는 선생님의 개인정보를 보호하고자 합니다.